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Workshops and Pricing

The Big Camera! offers a variety of workshops in Historical and Alternative photography processes such as Traditional Cyanotype & Digital Negatives, Wet Plate Collodion, Pinhole Camera Building, Solargrams, Monobath Process, Van-Dyke Brown Prints, Lumen Prints, Chromo-Sabbatier, and much more!

We also offer traditional B&W Film Photography classes and Basic Darkroom Printing on a limited basis.

Our team of professionally trained artists are experienced educators and have designed curricula for all age groups, including classes for children of all ages, as well as for college students and adults.

Click HERE to read an article from Carol Z. Shane in the Shopper News about one of our classes with Bearden High School and read our Reviews from the community HERE.


These sessions are anywhere from one to two hours and designed for individuals or small groups to gain an introduction to various processes.  Rate within Knox County is $50 per hour for The Big Camera, two instructors and an additional Materials Fee per person, noted below.

  • Basic Cyanotype (5 pieces of Coated Paper and Fabric) - $20

  • Beginning Pinhole Camera (You Use Our Cameras for 1-3 photos) - $20

  • Intro to Solargram (Build 3 Miniature Film Container Cameras to Keep) - $15

  • Intro to Lumen Printing (2-5 pieces of Lumen paper) - $10

[Double Click on any Image to Enlarge Slideshow & View Process]

Group Workshops

Intended for full day immersion in a topic, these classes are perfect for groups of 6-15 people.  Rate within Knox County is $100 for The Big Camera, two instructors, and an additional Materials Fee, per person, noted below.

  • Advanced Pinhole (Build a Cardboard Pinhole Camera to Keep and Develop Images in Class) - $50

  • Advanced Cyanotype/Van Dyke Brown with Digital Negatives - $50

  • Camera Obscura (We demonstrate the Big Camera and you get one Positive Image Portrait or Landscaspe) - $75

  • Camera Obscura (You use the Big Camera to make up to 5 Paper Negative Prints) - $100


Schools, Non-Profits & Community Events

Special rates are offered for teaching and demonstrating in our Community.  We want to teach kids the joy of photography; let's talk!

One-on-One Instruction


Personalized for your interests.  Contact us for more information!

[Double Click on any Image to Enlarge Slideshow & View Process]

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